Medical Devices

Medical Devices

C-type Floating & Lifting Table OTC-03

Product Features:
Product Highlights

This mobile patient table is made for the use in a radiographic X-ray system to lay and position the patient.

— X-floating, Y-floating table top.
— Vertical movement controlled via pump pedal.
— Mobile table using big diameter electric conductive castor with parking brakes.
— Quick and precise positioning, easy to move in all directions.
— Easy to clean and disinfect.
— Approved by FDA, CFDA, CE.


Product Description:
Specification Brief Introduction

— Table Size:2271x673x876 mm (Length x Width x Height)
— Operation Force:Manual
— Tabletop Material:Carbon Fiber
— X-Ray Transparent Area:1730x 670mm (Length x with)
— X ray Absorption Factor: <1.2 mm Al
— Tabletop Transverse Travel(Y): 200mm
— Tabletop Lock Mode: Footbrake Pedal
— Table Height Travel (Z) : 600 ~ 865 mm
— Max Patient Weight: 225KG