Henry Yeh

Founder and President

Henry Yeh has been involved in business since his childhood days where he followed his Grandfather, a successful rice trader, around the countryside brokering deals. As a young entrepreneur Mr. Yeh watched intently as his grandfather exhibited his keen business skills. Over 30 years ago Henry Yeh used those skills he leaned to save a small amusement trading company form being closed by its owner due to lack of business and fading market. At that time he pleaded with the owner to give him one year to turn the business around and then re-evaluate the company to see if he still wanted to close its door. Today the company is known as "Entropy" and Henry Yeh pioneered the company's rapid expansion in emerging economies of the world by modifying its architecture from a trading company into a service -oriented manufacturing support system for clients in need of offshore manufacturing Mr.Yeh holds a Bachelor of Accounting degree from Aketheia University and serves on the board of trustees of Taiwan's Yeh Family Association; the Board of Taipei Bodhi Life Protection Association and the Broad of Taipei Positive Future Association.


Tony Yeh

Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

Tony joined the Entropy Group over 20 years ago; he has held several key roles within the organization which contributed to its successful growth including Director of Finance, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. Since joining Entropy,Mr.Tony Yeh has been heavily involved in the strategic planning of the company with his focus on ensuring that funding is available at the right time to meet the needs of the business and that the business is meeting its financial objectives. Mr.Yeh earned a Bachelor of Risk Management and Insurance from Feng Chia University in Taichung, Taiwan. Before joining Entropy, he was the manager of the loan department for Bank of New York Taipei Branch office for 7 years.