Product Developement

Product Developement

Do you have a new idea or concept and want to bring it to market?

Entropy can evaluate and analyze a product idea and help you bring that product to market from start to finish. Key elements in the product development process include creating a solid business plan and then knowing how to execute that plan through comprehensive engineering and design.

Concept to Reality

We have two parallel steps in the new product development process. The first procedure involves the concept generation, product design and detail engineering. The second focuses on market research and marketing analysis & planning. Both are equally important steps in the first stage of bringing a new product to market.

Entropy has engineered a complete process for bringing new products to market. With over 30 years of experience in globalized industries, we have implemented our knowledge and expertise into these processes, to bring success to our customers and the products they create.

We understand that meeting market demands can be a challenge in today’s industry. Part of our process is to not only develop a new product and manufacture it but also to further understand our customer’s business and the market trends within their industry. We always try to create a win-win strategy so that the end result is successful, profitable and long-lasting for everyone involved.